A trip to the Hallerbos

One day last year I was scrolling through my social media feed when I came across an article in Faerie magazine about a magical forest in Belgium. I’m from Ireland and I just recently moved to Belgium. I’ve seen lots of magical forests in Ireland so when I heard about this I was very intrigued! The forest is full of 1,360 acres of bluebells and is only in bloom about 3 weeks of the year. Luckily my boyfriend who is also big into nature was happy to drive me there from Bruges this year when it was bloom. He tells me that the bluebells naturally grow there – that’s right – they are not planted, they just appeared there all by themselves 😉

Pictures speak louder than words! I’ve been to Co. Kerry, Co. Cork, Glendalough (well known for fairies, and the location for World Fairy Day years back), and many parts of Ireland, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything that fairy and this spectacular before. People think that fairies only exist in Ireland but it’s for sure that I felt and saw their presence in the Hallerbos. Completely worth the visit and very accessible from Brussels!

What fairy places have you visited? Are there any locations in Europe you would like me to visit and tell you about? I plan to blog a fairy trail of Ireland so do stay tuned 🙂


  1. Joanna

    I used to work at The Ruin which is a folly turned holiday cottage. It is set above the valley of Hackfall which came originally from Hag Vale which means Vale of Witches. The woodland definitely has fairy energy. I built a strong relationship with the nature spirits and felt protected by them but once took my Mum and she felt they were playing tricks on her – tripping her up etc!

    Hackfall is full of bluebells in the spring and it is in North Yorkshire in the dales village of Masham.

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