An open letter to Doreen Virtue

Dear Doreen,


I guess this all started when a friend gave me one of your books, Healing With the Fairies. It was really more of a biographical book than instructions on how to heal with fairies, but I enjoyed your story. Later on I got your Magical Messages from the Fairies deck.

I decided to sign up for your Fairyologist course last year because I wanted to be on the directory. I thought it sounded like a relevant certification to have. However since then I have been unfairly treated by you and your employees.


As a person of Irish heritage and spirituality and follower of Brigid I am shocked and disgusted by your behaviour. It cannot go on without some accountability.


Because I was moving country and changing jobs, I didn’t have the time to take the Fairyologist course yet.

The following is quoted from a public post I made that I sent to Hay House, with no reply (and I was banned from the Hay House page for posting this):


When I heard about your conversion to Christianity I was alarmed that maybe I couldn’t finish the course I paid for. So I took to the official private Fairyologist Facebook group that she created to voice my concerns. I wasn’t the only one concerned that the course offering could not be fulfilled. A lot of people in the group were also very concerned that because she had renounced her Ascended Masters deck (effectively told people to throw it away) that it meant she was not welcoming of people from other spiritual faiths anymore.


The Fairyologist group that I had been a member of for the past year and a half (since April 2016) has been a delight to be a part of, and connect with other people who have an interest in fairies. I often interacted with posts on the forum. What follows is an account of the conversations that I had in the Fairyologist group from August 22nd until I was wrongfully banned the following day. Luckily I saved a record and screenshots of all interactions after I heard about your conversion because I had heard from other sources that the Doreen Virtue crew censor a lot of posts, especially when you ask questions (no matter how clear and fair you are). I hope that being utterly transparent about these communications that it is evident who is “right”/“wrong” or “good”/“evil”. I will keep all names anonymous and stick to referring to mine, the admin’s and your (Doreen’s) comments.


Before any comments, I had emailed the support through the Fairyologist website because I couldn’t log into my account to download the course. Melissa Virtue replied sent me the course materials.

Firstly, somebody posted a video about your newfound path entitled “Doreen describes her experiences with Jesus” which was posted on your own YouTube page (and therefore very relevant to the group). There were many comments on it.

A main concern of many group members including myself was that fairies were not mentioned as something you thought was good/bad, it just wasn’t clear what she thought about fairies anymore. In which case her Fairyologist course would no longer have value.


Many people were wondering if the course would be fulfilled and one of the admins commented on the video:
Admin: “I emailed Doreen. She said that she will produce a video just for Fariyologists. Hopefully that will help to alleviate your concerns.”


Me: “Thank you X! My only concern would be that this group is disbanded and we’d lose touch with the community <3 I love the posts here!”


Admin: “Doreen never mentioned disbanding the group. If we too much conflict and controversy on the page. It makes it difficult for us to moderate the page, that’s all” (sic)


Me: “It is a concern of mine not a fact that I know – it’s because in the video above the fairies are not mentioned, and nothing is clear about what Doreen thinks about fairies anymore. Will appreciate some clarification on this. Thank you! ♥”


Admin: “Ursula Clarke She went into detail about her views on fairies on YouTube and on her radio show. I repeated what she said… But people weren’t happy because it was me repeating it and not Doreen specifically repeating in this group.”


Me: “X I would appreciate a link to the videos you mentioned please! That would help to clear things up!”


Admin: “It’s getting late here, Ursula. Can you wait until she produces the video?”


I tried to reply to that last comment but then the entire original post was deleted. Many people found this to be really odd because people weren’t bashing you, they were just asking questions.


So I decided to post in the group and ask why. I said:


“I’m sorry but the post with the video of Doreen has been removed. Was it an accident? It’s quite relevant to this community.”


Admin 2 replied and said:


Admin 2: “Doreen will be doing a video for this group, if you would like to see the video she did yesterday it’s on her FB page.”


Me: “Why was the video deleted from this page?”

Admin 2: “I did not see the post… I was sleeping.”

Me: “Okay maybe the other admin can clarify later. Thank you! ♥”


I didn’t hear any reason about the above and as far as I know, there’s still no answer.


Then there was a lot more comments in the group and eventually Admin 1 said that they had been in touch with you and that she was coming into the group personally for a live chat in the comments (I guess not a video like she said, or maybe for damage control). So I laid out my concerns like so:


“I’m happy for Doreen and her new path, and I respect her decisions.


I do want to lay out my concerns in full for when Doreen joins the chat, and I am hoping for some very clear answers (and Doreen is very good at giving clear answers <3)


1. I’m concerned that the fairyologist quiz will disappear from the website before I get to take it.

2. I’m concerned that Fairies 101 may go out of print. Especially because if I want to recommend the book to clients/teach fairyologst I will not be able to. If the fairy books are going out of print we need to know so we can stock up or be prepared.
3. We need to know if Doreen still believes and talks to fairies. A lot of people look up to her. I totally accept if she does not, but for younger people and clients of ours, Doreen’s beliefs will affect them. So we need to know to be prepared for more sensitive people. Of course we know we should all follow our own path, but this information will help us to talk to our clients.

4. What happens to this group? I love the community and don’t want to lose it. I see and talk to fairies and want to stay connected to other people who are also seeing and talking to fairies <3


In relation to number 2, I noticed that Doreen seemed dismissive when fairies was mentioned in this recent video. So we just really need it to be cleared up that’s all. It’s the part where the interviewer mentions fairies, mermaids and dolphins and Doreen goes on to talk about other religious statues. It’s confusing to me what she thinks at this point. Attached is a copy of a comment I tried to leave about this on this group, but it was deleted. This concerns me. ”


At this point Admin 1 clarified that Fairies 101 was not going out of print “for the foreseeable future”. I’m not really sure how long the “foreseeable future” is but this says to me that there are no plans for it going out of print at present.

So I asked Doreen to answer my other questions. She replied:


Doreen: “Hi Ursula, thank you for being very clear in your questions, so I can be clear in answering. I’m so sorry that you’ve been struggling with these fears. To answer your questions: The fairyologist course and quiz will stay active. The fairy book will remain in print. This group will remain around (although if there’s meanness, we will take action to remove that energy from this group, through banning people who are being disruptive). I’m still not understanding why people would jump to these conclusions, but I’m happy to address them. Keep asking away.”
Ursula: “Thank you for replying Doreen! The clearer things are and the more out in the open the better for everyone. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us fairies! The reason I wasn’t sure about the fairies is because I could not find any mention in communications after February where you had clarified whether you still believed in fairies. It was clear about angels but not about fairies to me. Now that we have a reference point for this I’m sure things will settle down. Maybe the Hay House statement can be edited in this regard to mention fairies now that we are clear on it – that will help other people who want to continue to work with fairies. Thank you so much for clearing that up for everyone!”

Doreen: “Ursula hi, yes I have been talking about fairies on social media and the radio to clear up confusion, and it sounds like you may not have heard about this. X(Admin 1) and X (Admin 2) have also been delivering my messages that everything is the same in this group, nothing to worry about.”

Ursula: “No I’m sorry I didn’t! It’s difficult to watch every video of course, I asked for a reference link from the admins but I didn’t get anything specific. But now we have a reference point right here so it’s all cool!”


I would like to mention at this point that on a separate thread I was talking to Admin 1 and he left a comment that was quickly deleted: “The Fairies 101 book is not going out of print. You can get it as an ebook if you like. Perhaps stock up if you like. The book went out of print for a while because so many people bought it at once. However, new copies were printed.”


I’m not quite sure why he deleted that, he deleted it and responded with this instead: “To the best of my knowledge, the book is not going out of print. The book was out of print for a while when the course was first released because a lot of people ordered the book. New books were made and are still available and will be available for the forseeable future.”

I then asked “Will all related fairy materials also stay in print then? Thanks for your patience!” This question was never answered.


After this somebody asked about mediumship as recently you had denounced it. You said: “Hi Sylvia if you want to continue doing mediumship, or anyone else wants to continue doing it, that is your perfect right and free will choice. I am not telling anyone to stop doing anything. I’m just explaining what I’m doing, because so many people have asked. I stopped doing mediumship a long time ago because I didn’t enjoy it.”

Fair answer, you shouldn’t do things you don’t like. Someone else asked about tarot and asked where did it say in the bible that tarot is evil. You said: “Hi Lori, I am following Jesus and he loved everyone. So of course I love everyone regardless of their path, without judgment. This world has so much judgment already, and I’m certainly not going to add to it.”

Then somebody asked about gay people, you confirmed they were allowed in your church. Then I decided to ask about witches. I said:


Ursula: “That’s amazing that the church ordains gay people! I am wondering about witches though… Are witches seen as wrong or right? Sorry for all the questions Doreen – but someone is going to ask this if I don’t. And as a witch I am curious. Do you think witches are wrong? Would you advise people not to be witches?”

You said: “Ursula let me ask you a question in return, to help you: you seem to have a lot of fears. Does your current spiritual path feed these fears, or take them away? I have found that since I have been following Jesus, that I don’t have very many fears. I feel safe, peaceful, and without anxiety. Only you can answer these questions by going to God. I’m not the person to answer these very personal questions for you, God is. I do know that God loves everyone equally, and will help everyone equally.”

Ursula: “It takes them away for me absolutely. Being a witch helps me so much, thank you for asking. I am curious why you think I have so many fears? I believe I was a witch in a past life. I know that you wrote about past lives and witches before. I do not think that witches are bad. I think everything has light and shadow, including me and you. It’s what makes life so beautiful! So yes, I have the answer that witches are not definitively bad, but I was asking your personal opinion. Do you think witches are definitively bad? I am a curious fairy and I know that many people will be asking you this question in the future. ”


This seems like quite a judgemental comment from you. You did not reply to my last comment. I still don’t have an answer on if you thinks all witches are evil.


The admin eventually replied:


Admin 1: “Ursula Clarke It is nearly midnight where Doreen lives and she needs her sleep.”


Ursula: “Thanks X I’m looking forward to Doreen’s answer if she has the time later. Thank you! “


Admin 1: “We have both spent a few hours answers your questions, there is a limit to how much we can do. “


Ursula: “I appreciate that your time is limited. Doreen said she will answer more questions later so I have hope she’ll come back. She was very gracious to give us the best part of an hour to come on here and talk to us. Thanks again!”


You (on main thread): “OK, it’s late here now I will answer more questions tomorrow. Remember that you have the same access to the answers as I do.”


The next morning you were back online. You still didn’t reply to my question about witches, I confronted you on another thread about it. On this other thread another friend of mine was asking about pagans.


Ursula: “I resonate with what X is saying and I would like to see answers to her questions. I also asked a question on another thread which I am still awaiting the answer to.” (Referring to the witch question).

You: “Ursula you need to ask God about what is the best path for your spirituality. No one can make that decision for you Ursula. And what I believe about your path is irrelevant. It’s what you believe about your path that matters.”

Ursula: “Doreen my question was purely out of curiosity, if you neglect to answer I respect that decision. Thank you! ♥”


At some point a friend of mine asked about the Ascended Masters Oracle deck: she wanted to know why you thought it was evil. She also added that she loved the Goddess deck in addition.


You replied – You: “Hi X, it sounds like you would have created the card deck differently, I understand. My main concern with that deck and book is that I don’t want it to be a vehicle for someone to worship anyone other than our one true creator God.”


This seemed like a very good opportunity to hop in and ask specifically about fairy goddesses. Because fairy goddesses are mentioned in your Fairyologist course and are in your Goddess oracle deck.


Ursula: “I love the Goddess deck too, and I work with Kali, Isis, Sekmet and Brigit in particular. Brigit once came to me and gave me advice!


In Ireland where I am from we say “Brigid”. She’s a fairy goddess and I always see her as quite fiery. I’m wondering if Doreen thinks it is wrong to worship Brigid in particular? In Ireland we see her as a fairy goddess! Here is a picture of the Brigit card which is my favourite”. I immediately took a picture of myself holding the card and posted it.


At this point it’s later in the evening for me so I check the group again the next day to see if she answered my question about Brigit. I had been removed from the group.


Doreen, why excommunicate a student who is simply asking questions? Jesus asked his spiritual leaders questions. The answer is that you evades any question she does not want to answer.


I’ve always taken your books with a grain of salt (one should always think for themselves), and I was fond of a couple of your decks (Ascended Masters and Goddess oracles). Sometimes I thought it was quite entertaining to look at your weekly videos where you has many animals wandering around. But you have now disrespected other faiths and your students.

I messaged the admin of the Fairyologist group asking why I was banned. No answer. I messaged Melissa Virtue asking why I was banned. She replied and said “Hello, I think the board has been closed. Blessings! Melissa Virtue.” I replied and said that is not true, here is a screenshot. I asked her kindly if she could please look into this matter for me as it’s important for me to stay in touch with the community. No reply.


Eventually I decided I was going to ask you for a refund. The course simply isn’t worth taking anymore, especially when the teacher of the course actively censors you (I was banned from the Fairyologist group, the Doreen Virtue Facebook page and Hay House publishing page). I still have no reply from Fairyologist about my refund. I didn’t get a reply, even though Melissa Virtue replied to my last email. I took to Melissa’s Facebook page, she asked me to email her. I did. No reply.


It’s a real pity that this was so unprofessionally handled by all parties. I have no problem with Doreen’s new path, but I do have a problem with how she has been gaslighting her students.


Brigid is a very ancient fiery fairy Goddess. She is not happy about your actions. Brigid stands for the truth. She is known as “the little flame”. She holds fire and directs it clearly and calmly, not with anger. She’s the role model we all need right now – stand up for what you believe in, for beauty, truth and love.


We were taught how to make Brigid’s crosses in school:


What do I expect: I expect you to stop monitizing Goddesses like Brigid and the Fairies. Stop selling the Fairyologist course on your website. Give me a refund. I did not complete the course and it is no longer relevant to me. Refusing to refund me is fraud.


I do want to thank you. Because you have ignored the pagan community I made a lot of new lovely friends. It’s enabled me to connect with like minded people that are very genuine.


I wish you the best on your new path Doreen, I trust that you will end up where you need to be for the highest good of all.


But please, treat us as intelligent people – tell us the truth.

Blessed be and may the fire of Brigid be with all reading this!


Love Ursula, The Celtic Fairy


P.S. I have decided to sell all my Doreen Virtue decks. I am donating half of all proceeds to in honour of Chester Bennington (and they are raising money for Houston now). You can have a look here.


Update 13/09/2017: I have received a refund for the Fairyologist course. This comes after I emailed many of the Fairyologist students, the Hay House CEO and made my story public. I have received loving messages from students of Doreen from all over the globe that I am still replying to. Some of them have shocking stories to tell about how they were treated. More on this story as it develops!


Update 17/09/2017: I have written a follow up blog, please share and comment.


Update November 2017: Repeated attempts to ask Doreen and her team which comment had me banned have failed. Here is a record of emails I exchanged with Andrew Karpenko, Doreen’s admin, about the subject.


I now have no choice but to boycott Hay House publishing as they also refuse to answer questions about Doreen, and go as far as to ban people (many more than me too!) for asking legitimate, relevant and polite questions on their social media accounts.


  1. Well said, Ursula. Refusing a refund and showing zero accountability by deleting relevant questions about the course in the FB group is extremely unprofessional. I doubt that you will get a response from Doreen but I pray all the right people will read this. Love, Lisa

    1. Desiree

      I will be bringing up to her Bishop that people would like refunds for the money they were defrauded for.

      I am sorry this happened to you all.

      Here is my reply from Hay House CEO after Doreen Virtue gave out wrong suicide info. They left her wrong suicide info in play to a mom of an actively suicidal black son & to 700 other people. You might write the Hay House CEO asking for refund but he seems utterly unethical.

      1. The Celtic Fairy

        Hi Desiree,

        Are you in the area of Hawaii or how are you going to contact the bishop? I hope you can get in touch with him.
        I don’t think I can write to the Hay House CEO because the Fairyologist course is actually run by Doreen herself. But I do have other plans for action that can be taken, and I will keep everyone up to date.

        I heard about the suicide advice at the conference. It’s terrible. I think Doreen is quite lost and I do think that she’s done good by making some tools more accessible, but she is gaslighting her students and it is completely unacceptable and unprofessional.

        Much love! <3

  2. I also had my questions about the mediumship directory ignored. This was more of a professional issue with me. DV can worship pink polka dot elephants for all I care. I was ripped off.
    Perhaps the lesson to be learned in the end is that witches are very patient, just don’t push them too far. Blessings

  3. Lilac Willow

    I stand with you, beside the flame of the blessed Brigid, my patron Goddess, along with Freya and the Morrighan.

    Do the ‘right’ thing, Doreen Virtue, do the ‘right’ thing!

    Blessed be

  4. Lorna

    I agree with most all your questions and yes they deserve clarification. I feel betrayed as I followed her for many years; took her courses, bought her books and cards. She denounced mediumship, card reading and most of the ascended Masters. She did not say she reached a fork in her path and opted to teach us what Jesus was teaching. So she left her students to decide what is right or wrong. In itself that is fine you should always follow your truth but when you denounce how can one feel the past is in truth. I don’t judge anyone we are all following our own path. I just don’t understand why it has to be one or the other.
    As for witches some are called witches simply because they practiced one of the healing modalities and use natural medicine.
    As for the fairyologist course I completed it when it first was launched passed it with 100 and was not able to print my certificate or use the forum page. Go figure. I had no place to go no one replied to me.

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      So sorry that this has happened to you. The fact that she ignored my questions about witches says a lot.

      I had a reply from the Fairyologist contact page when I asked for my course materials. I also had another reply when I asked Melissa to look into why I was banned (saying she thought the forum was closed). Then when I informed her it was not closed she did not reply. I replied again later and asked for a refund and received no reply again.

      It seems that if you are in any way discerning and logical then the Doreen Virtue crew just entirely ignores you. They seem to be hoping we will eventually go away, but that is very incorrect.

      If you’re in the Fairyologist group and it feels right to you it would be good to ask for a refund if you are looking for. If not you can post on Doreen Virtue’s Facebook page.

      She does seem to delete a lot of comments so do make sure you screenshot/save copies of all communications.

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      I was told that the Fairyologist course will not be disappearing. I learned today that the Clairvoyance course has disappeared for sale and the website also. The videos are still on YouTube if you have the links.

  5. Andrew Karpenko

    You are going beyond seeking answers to your questions..
    We have given you answers and you haven’t been satisfied with what we have explained to you.
    Your posting about Doreen’s business and staff dealing is portraying us very negatively.
    I am making legal inquiries too.. this fits the definition of Defamation.

    9 Spreading false or damaging information about you

    If a person reveals information about you to another person or a group of people, and that information would cause others to think less of you, this may be considered defamation and could be against the law. For more information about this, see our Defamation page.

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      Hi Andrew,

      I still do not know which comment had me banned from the Fairyologist group. All of the comments I made are outlined here.

      I am just telling the truth.

      Thank you for your thoughts!

      Best wishes,

  6. Andrew Karpenko

    What? I can’t just say what I like on this Forum???
    I have to wait for my comment to be approved?
    Wow… you were complaining about this sort of thing on Doreen’s FB pages and groups..

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      Hi Andrew!

      By default my CMS requires approval. It’s the best solution for most blogs on the Internet these days to mitigate spam. I’m approving your comments of course, this is an open forum, and as you can see I’ve responded to critical comments already here.

      I was complaining about comments being deleted on Doreen’s Facebook page and groups, when people are asking clear and grounded questions.

      Best wishes,

  7. Joanna

    Hello all. I have been reading with interest these comments and can see it from both sides. TBH I do feel that DV did attempt to answer your questions and perhaps her answers weren’t good enough for you and you were removed because you kind of harassed them lol. Perhaps she does not know what her position is on fairies any more but is happy for people to still follow her older material if it feels right for them and I think she does have a valid point regarding that this is just as much about how you feel about your own beliefs etc more than her having to be accountable for the change of direction in her working. I know she was a market leader in these kind of teachings but she is just one of many – she is not the ultimate authority so you need to be comfortable following yourself if that makes sense and she has the right as an individual to grow and change. I don’t mean any of this in a critical way and I do take your point about her having made a lot of money from her older teachings/beliefs and then kind of pulling the rug out from under her students so yes – people totally deserve refunds and I can understand why they would feel confused and angry but doesn’t that just show what the issue is here? That we all tend to look for answers etc outside of ourselves and can be disappointed if these outside sources no longer work for us? I am in a bit of a similar situation myself. I was a psychic reader for years. Convinced I was working in the light etc. Built up a relationship with the fairy realm but to be honest – most of the time I felt desperately confused and unhappy. My new age beliefs only seemed to worsen my health on all levels – perhaps it was energetic because I was reading for others all the time and picking up on their stuff but then when I decided to try and follow Jesus more – my life started to improve in every way. I suddenly felt quite ashamed about having tried to guide people etc and I just really didn’t want to readings anymore. Yes I miss them a bit and I know I genuinely did help a lot of people but I also worry about those I may have perhaps negatively influenced? Basically I started to wonder just how much “good” my 24/7 fascination with new age stuff was doing me and others and how I wasn’t really functioning in everyday life and I think it’s important to have a balance. We have an earthly life for a reason and it’s the everyday dross – the boring stuff – where we can learn just as many lessons than we can with the seductive pull of the spiritual realms. I am now trying to trust in a higher power to guide me and get on with living in the moment without constantly looking for answers in different teachings etc. However you could say that all that was right for me at that time in my life and DV probably feels the same but it’s more difficult for her because she is doing it in the public eye and earned millions from it!

  8. Jon

    Sorry, but what false information has she spread?

    Defamation, calumny, vilification, or traducement is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual person, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation.
    – LeRoy Miller, Roger (2011). Business Law Today: The Essentials. United States: South-Western Cengage Learning. p. 127. ISBN 1-133-19135-5.

  9. Christine Fox

    I have had a similar experience with the angelogists course. It turned out to be a completely different course from the description. It was about the bible rather than spiritually alignment with Angels. I and several others asked for a refund and we received borderline abusive responses and then were shut out of the angelogists forum. I was so hurt and disappointed. I am choosing to believe that this isn’t Doreen but rather the people who are managing her correspondence.

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      I have heard similar about the Angelologist course. It seems like there are many factual errors in it also.

      I’ve noticed a lot of people making excuses for Doreen. She hides well behind her employees, but it’s all down to her at the end of the day – it’s her business. I can’t excuse her for being so rude and unfair to me and the other students.

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