Doreen Virtue’s dream

Following on from my last post – the unanswered “Open Letter to Doreen Virtue”, I have found out a lot of information that needs to be published which proves she is not being truthful to her fans. What spurred this off was the deleting of her rescue ranch eBay account [oddly, this reappeared shortly after I posted this article].

This week I emailed the graduates of her courses to let them know what was happening. I sent them a link to Lisa Eddy’s post about the mean message she received for her refund, the link to the Maui video interview, the video from April that Doreen deleted.

My emails finally got the attention of Michael Virtue, who emailed me to apologise and arranged for my Fairyologist course refund.

I replied to him and asked him for some accountability. He has still not replied but he has replied to other friends of mine. Here’s what he said:

On another note, and in an effort to share what has been taking place here at the rescue ranch, Doreen has decided to reduce the size and scope of her rescue activities. This is primarily being done due to my own encouragement. You see, even though Doreen has received monies through her online courses to pay for the operation of the ranch, what she hasn’t been sharing publicly is that she has been having to pay a considerable amount every month from her own savings to keep things afloat.

Two months ago I had to brake the news to Doreen that her savings and checking account would only support the ranch for another 90 days, and so we have been spending the last few weeks finding homes for a number of our rescue animals – where they are guaranteed to live out their lives in peace. This has been a sad time, for with each and every animal we are re-homing, Doreen has cried. During the last two years of rescuing, Doreen has poured her heart and soul into the lives of these rescued animals that is is literally tearing her apart to seem them go.

Ursula, I share this with you not in an effort to seek sympathy, only to request (and perhaps extend an olive-branch) that you and others take a moment to hold Doreen’s spiritual welbeing in your prayers. Over the years I have had the fortunate opportunity to get to know Doreen on a very personal level and I have been with her as she has grown through her spiritual journey. I can honestly share without reservation, that she cares deeply for everyone, prays for everyone, and tries her best to live a godly life, but she is human and subject to the frailties that this existence offers.

It’s a really interesting victim game that Michael is playing here. Following this Doreen made this public post.

Now in this weeks video she says they are selling the entire ranch and moving. I’m assuming she is moving to bible belt America or somewhere she can start her own church, as she says it is her dream in this video to Italians last year. I’ll quote the translation:

“I have always had this vision of myself as I did a free seminar in Mexico for the poor.
And it is so clear, I do not know if it comes from a past life, it is a dream to help the poor of other countries.
One of the reasons why I want to retire is to help people.
They are telling me (it indicates sky) that maybe I can start a new church that is based on Jesus, but without a sense of guilt, fearless and not so focused on crucifixion, but on his life and teachings and is not focused on money. Too many churches devote too much money.
Maybe it’s just a church on the internet, I’m working on it. We already have the state approval to open a new church (not the building eh).

I find that many people love Jesus, like me, especially in Italy, but there is no church that is good for them, because I love Jesus, but also fairies, even unicorns, and sirens. So I want to create a church – this is my dream – where one can love Jesus and the fairies without the others thinking he is crazy.
So this is my next step, the next thing.

Doreen recently posted that they were downsizing the ranch from 300 animals to 100 animals and moving to a smaller one:

I was really interested in this information because the rescue ranch was being funded by the funds from Fairyologist and Angelologist courses and eBay sales (Maybe other courses too, let me know?). I was confused about how that would not cover the expenses.

The issue I have now is that many of her students paid for this ranch. She said that the funds only raised 10% of the animals feed for a year. I did some calculations.

Even if all 300 animals were cows (The most expensive animal to keep I figure), a study from Perdue university says that it costs $304.92 a year to keep a cow.

So let’s say it costs 300 * 304.92 = $ 91, 476

We know Doreen started raising money last year, so let’s actually say it would cost $137,214 to get her through 18 months (roughly).

In the post Doreen says all of the course purchases, donations, and eBay auctions only amounted to 10% of the feed.

So, the Fairyologist group on Facebook is only for students and there are over 3500 in the group. I just decided to take the number of graduates, people who completed the course. Even if all 2,287 graduates only paid the discounted course fee of $44 (it’s now $88), then that would be $100,628. Wait… How is $100,628 10% of $137,214?

Let’s add in the Angelologist approximation – let’s say that only 150 students did the course at a cost of 444 = $66, 600. Now we’re at $167,228.

We can also add in the eBay sales (luckily I had the foresight to screenshot all transactions before they deleted the account). That amounts to: $20,837.33. Now we’re at a staggering $188,065.33 which I guess would pay for more than 300 cows feed for a year? The Virtues said they burned through their savings… Maybe they mean for equipment, who knows. But something does not add up here. Maybe she meant the food bill for a lifetime? But how does that make sense when Michael said they had already burned through their savings to feed the animals so far?

Please note that I did not calculate Doreen’s earnings from royalties as part of this. Her royalties from her books and oracle cards would undoubtedly make up most of her income, and a very large sum of money. Doreen claims all the royalties from her books and cards were going to fund the ranch.

Update November 2017: In this article dated June 2017, it is claimed that Doreen made enough money from her eBay sales alone to cover the feed for the animals (“Doreen toured for 25 years on stage so she has a lot of stage clothes and jewelry she’s been selling on eBay. What she makes in one month of selling approximately 60 items is just about enough to cover the monthly feed bill.”). In my video, I show that in June 2017, they were past 300 animals.

Why didn’t she set up a charity for the ranch? Apparently even the money from all her books don’t pay for it:

It’s not surprising to me that this week Doreen asked in her video asking for people to email the Hay House CEO to counteract the people writing “mean” letters to Hay House (that’s me and Lisa as well as many of our new lovely friends). Here’s Reid Tracey’s email in case you want to give your two cents either way:

Update: I emailed Reid and he said they have not received any mean emails about Doreen:

And if you’re looking for a refund, my friend Lisa has some good advice.

I emailed over 3,000 students of Doreen’s. There were two camps that replied. One camp which I would say is the “head in the sand” camp  told me to stop attacking Doreen. All I’m doing is publishing the truth and I think these people are very worried that their businesses will lose credibility along with Doreen. One person in particular had about 30 likes on Facebook on her angel reading page, and had obviously sunk hundreds of dollars into the Doreen brand.

Most people were really supportive and they would like to take up a class action lawsuit against Doreen Virtue to get refunds for their courses. It is their encouragement that is keeping me going. Please continue to speak up for yourselves. We’re not giving up until everyone who wants a refund receives one from Angel Therapy, Inc. We’ve set up a Facebook support group to help you.

All I know is that something doesn’t add up… Was the plan to leave Hawaii all along and start a church? In one Facebook post she said it was because Hawaii was too expensive, in this weeks video she quotes the bible… Which is it Doreen? Did you run out of money or are you just following the trusty word of the bible?

Either way, I’d still like to know the reasons for me being originally banned and where all this money really went. Our team of truth goddesses will keep documenting until we get justice 🙂

Update November 2017: I have made a video with raised questions about this. It includes content Doreen tried to delete.

Update April 2018: There is now evidence that Doreen is selling her pigs for slaughter. This confirms that she was lying about the animals going to their “forever homes”. She also recently removed a video (since resurfaced) that had advertised the animals were going to their “forever home” (published originally on the day of her conversion on January 7th 2017).

Update January 2019: I finally posted a video showing that Doreen lied when she said the video where she is talking about “selling” the pigs was a fake. It is not a fake, it was posted by her friend.


  1. Bernadette

    This is really interesting and I too am annoyed by her renunciation of prior work. I’ve brought several of her products and feel disappointed that she is now referring to them as the work of “lower energies.” I feel sorry for her that she’s being sucked into fear based religious thinking. However in terms of your calculations, you’ve just looked at gross income not profit. How much does it cost to market and run those courses, to manufacture the cards, hire the staff etc? You might find the overall profits are much less than what the marketing appearances indicate. Also the number of people in a facebook group doesn’t always indicate the true number of people who have signed up. Often as a marketing exercise people will offer a proportion of promotional and free slots as a kind of momentum generator so it looks successful and active to those who do sign up.

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      Hi Bernadette,

      This is all meant to be an estimate. I actually didn’t count royalties from her books and oracle card decks – only the eBay auction prices (which is not inclusive of shipping, that would be an extra charge on the product). And the courses are digital – I make websites and I know the costs are very low for that.

      The thing is that the number I came up with is actually much lower than the amount of money she said she had – she said that even with all the royalties they could not feed the animals. Feed the animals. She said that between the courses and the eBay sales it did not cover 10% of the costs to feed the animals. And I only counted two courses, I think there was more!

      My point is simply that even on the surface, the numbers are looking way off. I’m sure we can look deeper into the numbers. One step at a time!

      Best wishes,

      1. The Celtic Fairy

        I also only counted the graduates of Fairyologist and not including the people who did not graduate yet. And I assumed the sale price for all graduates, even though presumably some of them paid double that price. So the Fairyologist number is definitely lower than it should be!

        1. DreamStorm

          Thank you! I too have been puzzled by Doreens statements about money and costs. It just doesn’t ad up. And every time she says something about it it doesn’t answer anything it just raises more questions. You are right she must be receiving tons if money! The royalties for the books and decks alone must be very substantial ad to that all the courses and donation and what not! But she says she’s practically penniless and has to abandon the animals? And then she talks about starting other charities?? All this nonsense drives me crazy! What is going on????

          1. The Celtic Fairy

            It’s strange that she was bragging about donating to charity but then tells her followers that she can’t afford to keep a $10million ranch on Hawaii and that is the reason for leaving. Why not just downsize? I guess in the latest video she says implies is following Jesus’ orders to sell all possessions and move on. It’ll be interesting to follow what happens. If she is really giving away everything or not.

      2. Bernadette

        I get where you’re coming from as I had concerns myself about her transition and authenticity. However, after further reflection it think it’s quite possible that she’s just changed her spiritual views rather than being a flat out fraud as your suggesting. The customer service directs to Hay House, her publisher. I’m not sure what their exact arrangement is but it looks like they own her brands/ products and just give her a percentage of profits. So the income your mentioning would first go to hay house then she would get her share. We don’t know what that is. Refunds are being given via hay house so it is possible that Doreen is actually telling the truth here.

        1. The Celtic Fairy

          I’m quite sure Hay House have nothing to do with the courses on which Reid Tracey himself is currently repeating over and over to people looking for refunds.

          Doreen said in her video that people were writing “mean” emails to Hay House but we know that is not true because Reid told us.

          If you come across some proof that shows that Hay House owns the Doreen Virtue brand, we’d love to hear it! 🙂

          Edit: To clarify – for the courses on that does not go through Hay House.

      3. Laury Walkey

        I would expect estimates for keeping a sanctuary operational would be considerable. From my experience keeping horses costs more than a cow because a cow is able to survive on a lesser quality of dried materials (hay — generally alfalfa-based) than a horse. Cows can typically eat 1 50-100 lb bale of hay each roughly per day if there is no pasture land. Horses require a more refined diet of either timothy grass or a mixture. And even then some horses have dietary issues requiring supplementation and limited access to green pasture. I know this because I live on a farm and my neighbor has horses allergic to alfalfa and who overfed on green grass this year leading to the painful and sometimes critical condition of lamanitis of the feet. It also leads to bloat or colic which can be very costly and often fatal. They are on a very individualized and specialized care plan.

        Lesser costing farm animals would be your goats and poultry because they supplement by “scavaging” and foraging for whatever they feel is edible (and in the case of goats, often ISN’T edible…).

        Small animal like cats and dogs can also be very costly due to medical conditions and dietary restrictions with individualized feeding plans.

        I would expect that Doreen would follow an organic, ethical and vegan-based dietary plan for her animals and we all know that these types of foods will cost more than the average food. I can’t see her feeding poor quality foods to her animals as a cost-saving measure.

        Though my prices will be relevant for where I like in Canada (and in our currency), an 80-100 lb bale of straight alfalfa hay can cost around $7 each during the summer when pasture is used for feeding and can be $10-15 during the winter months when dried hay is the only feeding option, a cow here would cost very,very roughly $2500/year to feed. Now the sanctuary is located in a year-round temperate climate so pasture would be available a lot longer in the year. Considering that it is an island the costs may also reflect availability

        Bulk purchase of food is less costly. But as this is not 300 cows that we are speaking of, then you’d need to base any calculations upon an accurate census of animals, the source and quality of chosen food and their individualized needs. Without this information I don’t think you can make a fair assessment of the costs related to the business of running a mixed-animal sanctuary as well as with factoring in other costs such as medical needs that may be affect feeding as well as costs of shelter, sourcing water and other associated costs.

        Caring for animals is costly, no matter how you do the math. In my opinion as a pet parent myself, totally worth it. But you really have to understand what you’re in for when you go into it in a big way or it can get the better of you.


        1. The Celtic Fairy

          I replied to another comment explaining how this was an estimate. It doesn’t add up to me. Other sanctuaries run on a shoestring budget, and Doreen was definitely in way over her head. It’s very sad the animals had to go through the trauma of leaving their home now.

          1. The Celtic Fairy

            Probably good to also mention that I didn’t include the book or oracle card royalties, which would actually be most of her money and would make up a huge number.

        2. The Celtic Fairy

          Please also note my additions to this article.

          In this article dated June 2017, it is claimed that Doreen made enough money from her eBay sales alone to cover the feed for the animals (“Doreen toured for 25 years on stage so she has a lot of stage clothes and jewelry she’s been selling on eBay. What she makes in one month of selling approximately 60 items is just about enough to cover the monthly feed bill.”). In my video, I show that in June 2017, they were past 300 animals. The original video by Doreen was deleted. Doreen said on her Facebook page that not even the royalties in addition to eBay and course sales would cover the feed bill. Just the feed bill. Thanks.

    2. Diana Kyle

      I note in some narratives that DV has advised us to “throw out” the Ascended Masters deck. Really? Isnt Jesus an Ascended Master?

      Something here doesn’t pass the “smell” test.

  2. Either way, their claim that the course fees only covered 10% of the feed bill doesn’t add up. There are not many overheads on digital courses – especially not with Michael Virtue himself in charge of production. As for marketing, she doesn’t have to pay extra for individual courses since she has a massive social media presence and a newsletter that tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) have signed up for.

  3. Lori

    I think your calculations for care of animals is way off. The study at Perdue was probably based on cows that are mostly grass or pasture fed. Cost of hay can vary depending on where you live. I pay $4.50 for small square bales in Kentucky but people in Florida and New York pay over twice what I do. I have 7 horses who get about 3 pounds of feed a day (a lot less than a lot of horses). Some horses might get 10 to 12 pounds if grain a day or more! It costs $65 a week for grain. I feed hay for 4 to 5 months in the winter. It costs me $1,500 to $2,500 for hay depending on the weather. So I spend anywhere from $4,880 to $5,880 a year to feed 7 horses in a state where hay is cheap compared to Hawaii. That runs $697 to $840 per horse per year and does not include the vet or farrier or supplements or medicine or any other expenses… like my mortgage payment to provide pasture for my horses. Feed could easily cost ten times as much in Hawaii if not more. They have to ship in all of the grain and most of their hay. I have read they also have to feed hay pretty much year round and I have read that one bale of hay can cost $35!!

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      Hi Lori,

      Thanks for your thoughts! Actually most of the Virtue animals were smaller than cows, so I decided to use cows as an earmark, I would hope it even out.

      As mentioned to Bernadette this isn’t meant to be an exact “audit” of the Virtue finances, just an approximation to show that their 10% figure seems very suspicious. We definitely will keep investigating in further detail!

      I’m sure horses are very expensive to keep!

      The other point I’d like to reiterate is that I didn’t count all the Fairyologist students, and I actually put the price of the course at discount price for all students for the calculation.

      Another good point to make is that Doreen stated that all of the royalties from her books and courses would still not cover things. It just doesn’t sit right with me.

      But maybe the Virtue’s can post an audit for us to prove me wrong!

      Best wishes,

  4. Carolina

    Something tells me her stick is so up her ass that went up to her brain and now she claims she’s close to claiming she’s Jesus reborn. Jesuschrist, the name she keeps throwing everywhere, is someone who’s saved people, all over the world through faith. People openheartedly pray to him and his heart. And all she’s saying, is that someone told her she had to give up everything – I’m sorry, I’m Catholic and I’m with the New Age movement too, I love animals, but I won’t stop eating chicken breasts or meat for it. There’s a balance in the world that’s been for thousands of years, and some people can’t diggest leafs like the rest.. Anyway, what I’m saying here is thank you, Fairy -winks- I’m in Lisa’s and your group in facebook. And I love it. I don’t believe the deck of cards has anything to do with the gift of sight the cards give. To each their own. I did buy her cards, I did request a refund through HayHouse. I am detaching from her forever from now on, and even her voice annoys me lately. So yes, I can’t diggest stupidity well. I’m a Capricorn, might be why. Anyway.. I’m writing a book , I’ve been writing it for a while, I’m not a person who would follow someone with blind eyes, God gave us free will for a reason. I do know more about the people and the angels she’s calling lower energies now and all I have to say about this is that it’s a shame, and really sad attempt at getting better the one they’re doing with Michael. I hope the same poor souls who still believe her, wake up soon. She might be the false prophet the Bible talks about.

  5. Lori

    I think your calculations for care of animals is way off. Cows are not the most expensive animal to feed. The study at Perdue was probably based on cows that are mostly grass or pasture fed. Cost of hay can vary depending on where you live. I pay $4.50 for small square bales in Kentucky but people in Florida and New York pay over twice what I do. I have 7 horses who get about 3 pounds of feed a day (a lot less than a lot of horses). Some horses might get 10 to 12 pounds if grain a day or more! It costs $65 a week for grain. I feed hay for 4 to 5 months in the winter. It costs me $1,500 to $2,500 for hay depending on the weather. So I spend anywhere from $4,880 to $5,880 a year to feed 7 horses in a state where hay is cheap compared to Hawaii. That runs $697 to $840 per horse per year and does not include the vet or farrier or supplements or medicine or any other expenses… like my mortgage payment to provide pasture for my horses. Feed could easily cost ten times as much in Hawaii if not more. They have to ship in all of the grain and most of their hay. I have read they also have to feed hay pretty much year round and I have read that one bale of hay can cost $35!!

  6. Deb Johnson

    I just like to say that Yes I was shocked when this happened. I was not a true follower of Doreen’s & maybe that’s why I’m not so perturbed by her actions. Doreen to me was always kinda Christian based to begin with. Maybe not to this extent now …but she always has been . I even had taken one of her courses…..the Fairyologist course . This does not to me lessen what I have learned or make the course any less of value just because she has changed her views. If you feel that way ….then that’s on you. When I took the course Doreen & I at the time believed in it full heartedly……and to this day I still do & that is all that matters . She may have changed her views and have denounced things NOW but to me that still doesn’t make it —–valueless or unimportant . In who’s eyes??? Doreen is simply on a PATH that she and ONLY she needs to take. This situation kinda reminds of when a person comes out as being “gay” and when they discover who their real true friends are. I mean is it the “gay’ person who has changed??? Or is it the friends perception or view of that “gay” person that’s changed!!! It is the later…the “gay” person hasn’t really changed at all!!! They are the same person you’ve always known since the day you’ve met them. So in turn people’s perception of Doreen have changed because she simply takes a different path in life?? Yes she has denounced the Tarot, ascended masters & mediums …….So what ?? It’s that going to stop you??? Does her actions make YOU feel less about yourself or unimportant. Hopefully not …..Do what’s in your heart folks and what’s right within your own SOUL!!! That’s simply what Doreen is doing . How can we take that away from anyone ??? Let her simply take her path & you simply take yours !! Move on & prosper!!

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      My issue has nothing to do with Doreen’s change in faith, as I have stated multiple times before. My issue is with her as a professional.

      She’s fully entitled to what she wants to believe and what faith she wants to have. I don’t know if you read my previous blog but I was obviously badly treated by Doreen herself personally also.

      Some of the information in her Fairyologist course is incorrect: e.g. her pronunciation of Irish phrases and the statement that you will be confronted with veganism if you try to communicate with fairies. Both are simply not true. Logically she is a teacher who teaches false things. Whether or not she is aware that she is doing this, I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to follow either a false teacher or an unaware teacher.

      I understand you are upset and that it’s difficult to think that she may be treating people badly – I was shocked too. But more and more information keeps coming to light. Once the eBay screenshots had disappeared I had no more doubts. And half of her YouTube videos are gone now too. She has repeatedly said she stands by her former teachings but that is not true.

      Thank you for your thoughts and I hope that you find your way <3

  7. Carolina

    People who read the post. Read it with objective eyes, please. This isn’t an attack, it’s a mind and eye opener. We all can benefit from someone who’s being objective. She’s talking hardcore cash, and that’s always greatly appreciated. Money doesn’t fall from trees and even when she claims her state can’t substain it all, how is she able to give to charity and to give to hay house charity if she cannot substain herself and her own animals to begin with? Don’t punish or push on a blog that’s not your own, you have something that’s less than kind to speak to Celtic Fairy here? Do your own damn blog. Here she’s helping people who are like-minded to her. She doesn’t need for DV followers on her ass. I used to be one, but I was never blinded by that, one thing I don’t particularly like, is when people change tune. If they’re so volatile, they were never too safe to trust in. And that’s the part I don’t like about all this. I trusted someone who doesn’t difere right to wrong and will go to whomever tells her what to do.. Personally? I don’t see the point in saying one day she still does things and the next, she doesn’t. It’s weird. So stop trashing the blog here and if you have nothing nice to say, keep your trap shut or go do your own damn blog. Peace!

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      Thanks for your thoguhts Carolina, I do appreciate constructive discussion but I think there are a lot of people having trouble hearing differing opinions and seeing facts about how Doreen has treated people. I understand why. I only saw one face she showed to the world and now I seem to be at the tip of a very big iceberg!

  8. Deb Johnson

    Heck I probably wouldn’t pronounce Irish phrases correctly either. Maybe those things like becoming a Vegan if communicating with fairies is simply what SHE had experienced… me that is not the same with everyone else. Heck I’m not even close to being vegan ……I’m a meat eater ….is that mean I won’t be able to communicate with fairies?? Well I can honestly say that isn’t true…..I’ve already have dealt with some of the fairies. I’m sorry that Doreen has personally treated you badly. But let those actions be on her. Don’t treat others badly because you know how it feels and its a bummer. We all have people, friends, teachers, guides that come in & out of our life’s for a reason. I was lead to the Fairyologist course not out of coincidence but because of reason. That reason is just as profound & justified as when it first happened…….and nothing can take that away. I’m not upset about anything …shocked yes …but not upset. As far as Doreen being a false or unaware teacher …I cannot agree or disagree with that either way. That seems to be more on how YOU feel about the situation. I think that the love, passion, intuition, artistry & creativity that both Doreen & Radleigh had put into their tarot decks are still there and that hasn’t changed & will never change. I consider myself to be I eclectic …..a mixture of many different aspects, traditions, denominations, magical systems etc ….. mixed into the one complex energetic being that I am ……lol. So I never take anything for its exact words . Nothing is set in stone unless I Believe or make it that way……… I got to know & FEEL whats right for me. I am found!!!

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      I don’t feel I’m treating her badly, I’m repeatedly asking for accountability.

      I still don’t know the reason for me being banned from Fariyologist and I have no apology from Doreen. And there are so many students like me, so it’s not like this was a once off type of behaviour.

      Many students also agree with me that she is not genuine.

      What I got out of this is that I linked up with the genuine people who signed up for the courses: for that I am very grateful indeed! It was worth it! 🙂

  9. Linda

    Thank you for speaking up. A lot of people are hurting and need support from each other to move forward through all this. DV changed her path. That’s fine. But it is not right that she went back and judged her previous followers as wrong. Thank you again for your input and support.

  10. Deb Johnson

    No problem!! I do see why her more devout followers are indeed hurt. Let us just have the Divines, God, Jesus, prophet or whatever name someone uses judge one way or the other not us……. its not our place. Of course I really don’t believe the Divines sit upon a throne , or in the heavens in judgement anyways but ………. Just ask the Divines to pray for her and everyone else who has been affected by this situation.

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      I was never devout to be honest, it’s just that I felt I had to speak out for myself when I was treated badly. And now I have many other people thanking me for doing so as they were also treated unfairly.

      Sure, it will always work out for the best. And the truth will always come out in the end.

  11. Sandra

    Thank you for this information. The one thing I disagree with is the figures Perdue University came up with for keeping a cow for a year. Perhaps if a farmer raises all crops, but I feel this is way off. I have 4 small horses in which I spend about $250. A month , without vet care and other needs calculated in. I was raised with cattle and know if anything needs to be purchased or trucked in , costs can be very expensive + vet or other needs. When I watched her videos , I felt as if operations could have been poorly managed and would not be surprised if expenses skyrocketed past what they had planned. I cannot see how it could have surpassed the money from her courses and goods sold so quickly. The ranch may have been a good excuse to start something new.
    I am heartsick for the animals and cannot help feeling there was other motivations behind starting this ranch. More thought perhaps should have gone into it before undertaking such a venture.
    I feel I have learned from this experience and will be moving on , with a wary eye to what is presented to me to study next. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      Hi Sandra,

      As I mentioned in this comment, most of the animals were smaller and the calculations was just for food, not other needs. This is because it was the feed mentioned in Doreen’s posts.

      I find it all suspicious too, that’s why I wrote the article. Just want the truth to be known.

      Absolutely, always think for yourself and do your own research x

      Best wishes,

  12. Shirley

    Hi all, I have not done any of Doreen’s courses and only randomly watched her videos but I did watch a little of her video on demons and NDE. I thought she looked a bit frightened. This may be a bit off topic but has anyone else noticed there seems to be some kind of weird, attack on the online spiritual community?
    I first noticed it when the card reader Louisiana Lu posted videos about other readers spiritually attacking her, demons showing up trying to kill her and her family etc. Then another young reader was being attacked.
    I also saw one of the first attacks on Doreen, by a card reader on YouTube who I thought was just vicious. It set off some kind of chain reaction, because almost all the people in the comments section joined in with horrible posts. A few weeks after that video went online, Doreen came out as Christian.
    Another video I saw a few months ago I think, was of a girl sobbing a warning about
    demons and that angel numbers are really from demons etc. She also said towards the end of the video that “if you are watching this, then you have been targeted”. (I think she should have put that at the start actually). This video seems to have disappeared now.
    There seems to be a concerted attack being waged against the online spiritual community. Any thoughts?

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      I do also think that she seems to be afraid in that video. I don’t know anything about these “attacks”, I heard about the denunciation of the tarot and ascended masters around the time of the eclipse. That’s when I asked about Goddesses in the Fairyologist group and was banned (even though I paid to be in there).

      The students that I have been talking to just want refunds and accountability. They aren’t interested in “attacking” Doreen. I can’t give an opinion for communities outside of the students as I’m not very familiar. The students have spent a lot of money on teachings that are now void, and their clients need a lot of explaining and comforting. This was all very badly handled by Doreen and her staff.

      I don’t know about any attack on the online spiritual community. I do know that everywhere there is people who come from a place of fear or love, regardless of what community they are from, spiritual or not. And we are all capable of being fearful or loving.

      As long as you have good intentions and keep good morals then you don’t need to worry. You are automatically protected in this case.

      Many blessings,

    2. Jan

      I just think this is all her Business Plan for making more money but its gone a bit pear-shaped as she didnt realise that SO many people would get so upset. She thought evryone would blindly accept and follow. She handled it badly and so have Hy House. Not sure about psychic attack really. Just a thought xxxx

    3. Afraid is an understatement, she is possessed. I have the gift of sight as well as seeing demonic energy and she is full of it. I saw it in her way back 16 years ago when I came into contact with her. I tried to get a friend away from her teaching etc. because it was coming from a low place and is still there. it is now worse. She is a huge liar and profits of people and is a huge false prophet as well. the Bible warns against these people. I am a Kabbalist as well and believe in many different creatures, which the creator did make in different time periods over a huge time frame etc etc. I agree what she has done in unfair and unethical , esp for someone who is supposed to be a spiritual healer and also a student of science not to mention a licensed pro. I hope everyone has gotten their refunds , though I highly doubt it. she also carries money bags as of right now and could still afford those animals, it was merely an inconvenience to her is all. People that have the gifts from spirit should had known all along she was a liar. though we are all human and can fail at seeing things clearly esp when we get excited about a new journey whatever it is. I am just glad I did not fall into her traps and lies. I feel horrible for everyone she lied to and got involved with her. I hope it is just now a lesson to take better care who we trust and who we take care to know better. I talk to angels and faeries daily. I talk to Jesus and other spiritual beings and all are at peace together. there is no enmity between them. only Low vibrations in some cases. Healing comes from within ones self, the body itself is the temple of G-d and anyone can heal themselves with the help of angels and faeries but it has to come from within. again I am so sorry she has mislead so many people and now will continue to do so through believing Christians. IT is very sad and frustrating to watch. I know my reply is late but I happened to come across this looking for an angel number lol thanks for the posts and I pray you all get what you are owed. and apology would be a good start from her. blessings and much love and light ~ Chas

  13. Shirley

    Thank you for the reply. I am saying I have noticed some people in the online spiritual community, including Doreen are being attacked. If you were to look around a bit more, perhaps you or others might notice something odd going on.
    This is your website and I feel I have been respectful, so I would appreciate it if you would not put the word -attacks- in quotation marks as it is patronizing and suggests I am lying or imagining things.

    I understand that Doreens students are not happy with this situation, if I was one of them, I would not be happy myself. No one likes feeling ripped off.

    However, I do wonder about, what happened to the idea that we create our reality, and everything happens for a reason? Because I noticed that the knives came out real fast when Doreen chose another path.
    I hope everything works out for the best, for everyone.

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      Hi Shirley,

      I think imagination is real and yes thoughts definitely have a factor in that! 🙂

      But as for the…. “Attacks”? The reason I put it in quotations is because I do need proof of it. And I’m not getting it from either my own inner self or outside of myself – maybe you can provide some links to some references?

      I’m sure it will all work out for the best in the end! 🙂

      Best wishes,

  14. Nancy

    I have always felt very uneasy with Doreen’s lack of emotional maturity and stability as I have seen her mood turn quickly. She has always had to hide behind a man, look at how many relationships she has had. For a spiritual teacher you would think she would be more mature. I think that Michael and his male friends have brainwashed her a great deal. I suspect that she is wanting to become a television evangelist and many of them are multi millionaires preying on their flock for donations. What happened to the Divine feminine? She is now going backwards and promoting a bible thumping patriarchal system. The bible has been badly manipulated throughout history to enslave the masses. I certainly want no part of it. She had it right the first time.

  15. Just me

    I will not determine if DV’s heart is sincere in her new walk with Jesus; that is something only God can determine. But, even DV while quoting Scriptures said what Jesus said, in that His followers would be known by their fruits, and how they obey what Jesus taught. Well, after the initial honeymoon that new followers experience in Christ, and growing in His word, there comes a time of testing their faith, which is often through painful trials. If DV is a true follower, she will have to end her 5th marriage, which in Gods eyes per Scriptures is not a true marriage, but living in adultery. Jesus forbade divorce & remarriage while previous spouses are still alive! There is a bible story where Jesus told a woman married five times to go sin more, etc.
    I don’t remember the exact words.

    One can get divorced in cases of abuse etc., but must remain single, unless their previous spouses are deceased. The majority of Christians today don’t even obey this command of Jesus! Jesus said of His followers love Him & wish to enter eternal paradise, they would do as He says. Either one believes in what He said or they don’t… No middle gray area.

    Secondly, God may challenge DV to get rid of everything she owns purchased with her Tarot card money. Not enough now for her to just stop using or selling them. There are repercussions to
    everything. Will she give away her house, vehicles, jewelry, clothes etc.?

    I’m not saying cards are right or wrong, but if wrong, per DV’s testimony, then I would thing it wrong for one to keep anything purchased in the past with the card money etc. So, we shall see how this saga unfolds, and how sincere or true is DV to her new found convictions… ‘The Fruit’.

    “Easier for a wiseman to go through the eye of a needle, then give up their riches.”

    There is no sin in being rich, just how one for the money, & if the cards are evil, then all I said above makes sense, right 😉

  16. Just me

    Sorry for a fe typos above… Auto correct not working right and I should have proof read before posting, but hopefully all I said is still understandable.

    Have a Happy New year, & allowing me
    to post. :). And I’m sorry, but I’m skeptical of Doreen Virtue now. I don’t hate or love her, just skeptical. Whatever her calling is now, I wish her well.

  17. Tigger

    I have been very shocked by DV’s turn around. So much so that I wonder whether she has developed mental illness or instability, or been brainwashed by the influence of a dominating, controlling or manipulative personality such as a person with psychopathy. It is very sad to see such a former beacon of Light appearing to now come from a rigid and fear driven place. How many years’ worth of her spiritual path is she now denouncing (I get that she is not denouncing all aspects of her past , I am just referring to the time element here) – and how can her remaining followers trust that she might not have another vision in the future that will then make her denounce her current stance?! She has lost her credibility. The other thing that disturbs me is that her vision of Jesus appears to have blown her away to the point that it sounds like nothing like this has ever happened to her before, so is she saying then that in all her previous years as the No 1 angel lady, she has never actually had any direct angel experience like this, has never seen or felt an angel? I know many humble lightworkers working quietly with the angels who have had amazing visions or other sensory experiences, as have I. It somehow reminds me a bit of the fake medium in the film Ghost who is suddenly astonished to find she is channelling a real spirit!

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      I think Doreen is fully capable of doing this herself. She’s a smart businesswoman. I think she went into the Christian market but didn’t expect it to backfire like this. I don’t know if any of her stories are true, but seeing as there is proof that she lied to her fans, I can’t really believe anything she says anymore either!

  18. Just me

    I think many are correct, in that DV is just trying to capitalize on a new market after she saturated the spiritual one with her endless books, cards etc. Less than a year still ‘learning’ her supposed new found faith, & hardly expert at it yet, she has already got her second Christian book out! Imagine that! Gotta keep that flow of money coming in. Watch, in due time, I bet she will have tons of Christian books, etc. out. She already has a course she teaches in it to, despite the fact she is still drinking milk in the faith, & has not graduated to more understanding than that. Seems DV always wants to be the center of attention, & try to be everything to everyone, and a RICH one at that. Sorry, I don’t trust her anymore, not even her old angelic visions or her new Christian visions, etc. There are so many charlatans it’s sad.

  19. Lesly

    Hi Thanks for your Blog.

    So how do I get a refund for the Angelology course? I never graduated from it… after the whole conversion deal.

    I also ask HayHouse if they will take my cards deck with her name on it and gave me some without her name on it. Since she asked her name to be deleted from it, and they told me NO – no refunds for books or card decks (Even thought I bought it thru HayHouse and I can still see them on my Order history).


  20. Well I say, God Bless Doreen Virtue. No matter what she’s going through. She been a prolific writer and I respect the hell out of her for that. She didn’t just hold a vision inside her that she might be a writer, like most people do. They say that most people die with a book still inside them. She set her own standards and wrote dozens of books, she has been successful in life, despite current outward appearances. She kept up this standard of writing so many books per year and I cannot imagine that she took time out for herself much these past 15 years. The last few books of hers that I read, I felt that she was “phoning it in” a bit and a lot of the info didn’t really seem new to me. She was obviously hemorrhaging money back then too..many of the card decks towards the end felt rushed or just practically the same as the others.. Now maybe she’s gone back to her roots in Christianity and this must be her spiritual journey. It isn’t for us to judge, either way. It’s only up to us to follow, or not. It’s ok to learn from someone, then decide to take a different path when we have outgrown their teachings or decide that the path they have chosen no longer appeals to us. Yay for all of us! We are learning and growing! As far as Doreen’s expenses, and income, it’s not for us to say what that is, there are bound to be hidden costs that we can’t see. But most publishing houses pay roughly a measly 1.5% on each book sold. Take 10 to 15% out for an agent or manager, if she had one, not to mention an accountant, if she had one.. Then the government takes out taxes, up to 30%. So she’s only making 70% from 1.5% if she has a standard contract. At best. Then she bought a ranch in Hawaii..was it purchased outright? Was there a mortgage? On top of the exorbitant mortgage, the land taxes in Hawaii must be extraordinary! I once saw an adorable brownstone style house in New York city for sale. It was only around $20,000! I wanted to buy it until someone mentioned the property taxes.. Then I discovered the hidden truth.. who has thousands of dollars per month for property taxes? I found a high rise studio apartment in San Francisco, financial district, exactly same situation. $20,000 only, but $1500 per month in community “fees”, doorman, taxes, etc. I can’t imagine her large Hawaii ranch was any different. Food costs more, though still have to pay for fresh water even if you grow your own food and can’t collect enough rainwater to sustain 300 animals. I felt she was overextended months ago. I’ve been praying for her for awhile now. I hope she honors her agreements with her students, I hope the Virtues get back on their feet and I hope that forgiveness and love, Doreen’s core messages throughout all of her life’s work, will be remembered gently in her hour of need. While you might have lost a few hundred dollars on the course or whatever, and perhaps your faith has been tested, think of what she’s lost and how embarrassed, disappointed and sad she must feel.. you will get your money back one way or another. God is your ultimate supply, not Doreen. This can’t be easy for her, she also just lost her great friend who gave rise to her voice as an author, Louise Hay, God rest her soul. Her losses are great, she must be experiencing intense grief that you cannot begin to imagine. Please, give her a break also. She’s a gentle heart, a tender soul that loves profoundly each aspect of life. You are all good people, which is why you were attracted to Ms.Virtue and her work in the first place. We are all active spiritual seekers. Everyone deserves compassion, love, forgiveness. Especially when we have been going through much planetary changes!! My GOD what we’ve all been through these past 7 years. It’s not been easy for anyone! Relax, breathe, everything will be alright. It’s time for change, newness surrounds you and I. Trust. I love you ALL. It will all be okay. More is coming..more spiritual teachers, more money, more love, more abundance.. the Universe has got your back. 🙂 Peace!

    1. The Celtic Fairy


      Doreen should absolutely be held accountable for all of her actions, and as she is a multi-millionaire, I will not play into her victim-playing narcissistic narrative. I really haven’t personally found her much of a “prolific” writer as pretty much everything she has written was borrowed from other psychologists or spiritual writers. What she did well was to simplify some things for a more accessible audience. Your comment only makes me feel sorry for you that you have fallen for her narcissistic drama, and now you are another puppet to her that defends her so she does not have to tell the truth. You can try and rationalize it all you want, I’m just here to tell the truth.

      Best wishes,

  21. Alanna, I see you are trying to do Doreen a kindness here, bless you but you are so far out on those numbers. She is a multi-property owner and multi-millionaire – It doesn’t take much research of public records to find this out. Somebody recently shared a list of the properties she owns in HI alone – there are several. She got the picture of the list taken down twice because she doesn’t want this to be public knowledge. She also purchased properties in her son’s name. Why would a multi-millionaire illegally solicit for donations and lie about being poor? I really don’t see the point in making up your own figures in trying to justify what has been going on here, Alanna… a lot of effort went into that too. Makes me wonder if you’re OK. Bless you.

  22. JJ

    Is there a FB group where all us can get together and chat about it? If so… let me in lol!! Merc rx right now… more to come when it goes direct. Cheers love all the posts and commentary.

  23. Majella

    The passive aggression on here is sickening… holier than thou “spiritual” gurus sounding bitchier than Regina George 🤮stop talking about this as if everyone cares so much about “exposing” Doreen, there are far worse people in the world for gods sake… just embarrassed that you were banned from a fairyologist forum lol grow up.. and keep your fake passive aggressive blessings and peace… fake as fuck

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      Well I think it’s pretty obvious which one of us sounds mean and aggressive here 😉 I’m quite proud I was banned from Fairyologist because I spoke up and told the truth! Would really love to see you quote which part of the article you think is “fake”.

    1. The Celtic Fairy

      Doreen trolled us all by selling us the course, telling us the money was going to give the animals their “forever home” and then instead selling them for slaughter!

  24. Denise

    Oddly I just found out about this today. I’d noticed for some time that Doreen seemed to be veering towards this extreme path, but didn’t think she’d go quite so far in the end.

    I almost feel sorry for her, but it seems she’s gotten extremely judgemental and is now essentially a bible thumper. I can’t even look at her page now without cringing, she actually had the nerve to speak ill of Yoga! She used to be very loving and accepting of all religions and spiritual paths, but I suppose that’s not working for her anymore, it’s just so sad to see someone who seemed so kind turn into this darker version of herself.

    I seriously don’t think Jesus or ‘God’ would tell her to throw away (thus creating more waste) her cards etc. and treat others so badly, the Doreen that was supposedly the one following a less than holy path was at least accepting and kind to others. Now I just see another small minded ‘Christian’ hell bent on damning everyone who fails to see things the same way she does.

    Sad days!

    Also so many are saying they wish her well on her current path…only it isn’t a good path, it’s one filled with ego and Dogma, all the things she used to abhor. I wish for her to find a happy middle ground where she isn’t hurting others to pursue her faith so blindly.

    Thank you for sharing your truth, it’s good to see someone who isn’t just blindly following Doreen’s new ‘Christian’ persona.

  25. Tanya Shirley

    You’ve done quite a bit of sleuthing! That would have been me too had I invested as much as you have. I was almost ready today after watching her on Lisa Garr’s inspiration season 1 episode 31. I was so on fire and then Googled her and found all this information of her denouncement!! I was shocked at how upsetting that was. And then I was curious …her whole entire life has been a lie? Or at the very least to insult those that supported her is very un-Jesus like. Anyway I’d love to revert back to my old hateful ways but she’s human and I have to wish her well. And I wish you well too!

  26. India

    Well ****. I’ve read all of Doreen’s earlier books (and thoroughly enjoyed them). I am very supportive of people following their own intuition and their own reality in this world…and then today I find this. I have friends of a variety of eastern and western faith (all of which I find genuinely fascinating). This though…wow. I’m near in speechless and that’s a pretty rare thing for me!! 😛

    1. Amazing…. I couldn’t even get through that list because it is so hypocritical! I don’t just mean because she has done all those things in the past, but she still does them! Does she not still author books based on her vision of Jesus Christ and the messages he told her and sprinkle them with bible verses? My friggin gosh! I have said it from the beginning this “New Start” is about money. She already recently mentioned in a blog she is having issues with back taxes. And she is first and foremost a businesswoman let’s not forget that. Reinventing herself into a born again Christian gave her a whole new client base. I totally agree with the point of this blog. She needs to be held accountable.

  27. Iona

    I have been trying to get refunded for my purchases but there is 0 way to contact anyone now. I stumbled on this site. Any advice? I bought a few classes and courses in 2016 under the understanding it would never expire. I wanted to take advantage of the low costs. In 2018 I tried to take the courses to find everything was taken down. I have been trying off and on to reach out but keep getting dead ends or ignored. Thank you.

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