What does your aura say about you?

Recently, myself and my family had our aura photos taken! I’ve had mine taken a few times, but for my son it was his first time (he’s 14 months old). I thought it would be a good opportunity to show the difference between the three of us and give you an idea of how unique we all really are!

My aura has changed a little bit overall in colour through the years. It used to be more overall turquoise, but now it is normally quite solidly green. This is my true colour, the colour of a healer! On the day I had the photo taken there was some yellow in there too, the colour of confidence as I was confidently talking to people just before it was taken.

My green aura!

My partner’s aura varied a bit more in colour. He has some red and white in there, although it is mostly yellow. The white signifies angelic energies being nearby. He also has a very large purple spot at his head! This is his third eye. My partner is probably more clairvoyant than I am. He immediately can see the truth of what is going on around him. Although a precious gift, it is also a burden in that many people do not like to hear the truth. Luckily that doesn’t scare me off, I’d much prefer to know how it is upfront!

Mr. Third Eye!

My toddler has a predominantly yellow aura. This really speaks to his vibrant personality. He’s loud and determined to go his own way! He is at an age where he is finding independence in moving around (starting to run!). He also has quite a deep voice for a toddler and it is very loud. Yellow is loud! He has some white in there too, taking after his father with the angelic presence. These men are intelligent and well connected!

Our outspoken toddler

I’ve been able to see auras since I was a teen. It’s a skill that develops with practice, like anything else. You can try to see your own aura by holding your hand up against a white background. Imagine your hand is like one of those “magic vision” pictures. You need to look through your hand almost at the same time as looking at the outline of it. As you “blur” your eyes, the outline of your hand will gently show a subtle white hue at first, then the hue will grow until it is emanating a colour. This is your aura! Keep in mind that your hands may actually be a different colour than your overall aura: the hand exercise is a good way to start using your aura vision skills! Have fun!

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